What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

I gotta have more of your cubic zirconia beads! I have a great earring design that sells very well. And my ladies love the sparkle! You have the best quality CZ’s I have found anywhere. You need to order more of the 7x18mm size. That is my favorite for earrings.

- Macy Jane, Portland, OR

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your attention to my order. I had a couple of questions and I was happy to get honest answers. I could explain what I wanted and you were eager to help me. Can’t wait for my beautiful beads to arrive.

- Kathy G, Portland, OR

I absolutely love, love, love Little Indulgences Beads! You have an amazing selection and above all – GREAT PRICES and QUALITY. I am one happy customer.

- MJ Bend, Oregon

Whenever you come to Bend with your fabulous gemstones I always make a point to buy from you. I love your selection. You have the best baubles.

- Jennifer S, Bend, OR

You have to be very careful when you buy beads and I am always impressed with your quality! Thank you very much!

- J.Johnson, Portland, OR

I just started buying from you and love my new stuff. Now, I have some birthday money to spend and I came right to your website. My order is quite large, so I’ll have to chip in some of my own money. But I hope to make and sell casual everyday jewelry. I know I can’t go wrong with your beautiful things. Also, thanks for you help over the phone. It took a few tries for us to connect, but I am in no rush. Thanks so much for all your help.

- Josie B, Vancouver WA

You have the best quality beads for the price you ask. I know I’ll always get really good quality and I appreciate the customer service when I have a question.

- Portland Bead Mama, Portland, OR

Let me know when you get more stainless steel in stock. I now prefer to use that over expensive sterling silver. My customers love the stainless steel, cause no allergies and no tarnishing.

- Alice M, Portland, OR

I stopped beading for awhile, but hung onto your business card. Now I am ready to get designing again and I am looking you up to buy from you again. You have the best quality of beautiful, shiny gems.

- Lacey W, Eugene, OR

I am addicted to your 2mm faceted round hematite. I use them with absolutely everything I design. Sometimes they are an addition and sometimes they are the focus. You rock LI Beads!

- Gayle V, Vancouver, WA

I just received my beads and they are fabulous. They actually look better than they did on the website. I will buy from you again.

- Jo Jo, Medford, Oregon